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    February 25, 2014
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youtube. let us know what you really think. you learned new ruling will. so this is the opening scene the season the land. he was coming up the uncertainty in ukraine the stake as the economy ugandan newspaper exposed me to two hundred people at the gate. the day after the country's president of the cadavers comes to life
i'll get that. as the dishes in ukraine are struggling to overcome their differences and form a new government. on tuesday the abandoned plans to vote on national unity coalition delaying the decision until thursday mommy while ukraine needs cash and it means it's a leap of fifteen billion dollar aid package from russia has been suspended lawmakers are now asking the west to fill that gap as the economy hurdles toward the fall. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton was in ukraine on tuesday she said that europe would be willing to help with short term fund it was a warmer union between catherine ashton and you can listen to. after meeting with other leading politicians the eu foreign policy chief held talks with the former prime minister who was released from prison only days ago. he tries to help
ukraine but not unconditionally and he doesn't want to ignore russia we know and understand the strong trade links that exist with gusto and strong things that need to face discussion. we also think it's very important to send a strong message about the territorial integrity of the unity of the independence of ukraine. moscow russian foreign minister sergei lavrov warned ukraine should not be forced to make a choice on closer ties with the way he warned the postman. it is dangerous and counterproductive to try to force a choice when ukraine under the principle you i'd go with us or against us. then we are interested in ukraine being a part of a common european commonly in all meanings of the web the parliament in tf is trying to gain control of any situation the country the search is on for a transitional prime minister who can represent all parts
of the country. and candidates are beginning to line up for the presidential election date me. tiny cake still has now made it official he will run for the nation's highest office we might as well as the whereabouts of deposed president viktor yanukovich are still unknown. mourners on my donkey and lead him from any gas. search for and has so far proved unsuccessful. ukrainian parliament want to get it right before the international court of justice in tahiti and from what we go live now to our correspondent markets for who is standing by for us in tx so marcus get a call that is gonna get. we still have no consensus on getting a government up and running there in kiev. how concerned we have to be about instability. but from what we hear the nps site is due to infighting within the protest movement of political figures they cannot find tons of
prices for the resistance which is not to beef up the pace of the prime minister the government to amend as humans before. they only tried to do and to to fix that texas the state because many depends on this decision on we hiked to catherine ashton idea to stay safe on without a functioning and ten hits to the government that would be no money from the european union and staying on the money from the european union the economic problems that ukraine is facing are massive and it means that money it needs at that. how likely is it that you're up and the imf are going to step in and save the date for ukraine. with bicycle iam a sweetheart. catherine ashton saying today and yesterday the european union is ready to help and to weave sickness from the international monetary fund that they are waiting to have this led to avoid bankruptcy of the ukraine. but i'm nice first they have to fold this government and then. and they should ensure a concrete
steps fall wreath forms of the economic system. um the ukraine isn't really that state and already in december one of the bankruptcy for ukraine. do we need to be concerned about separatist tensions in the country. it is when many people he on the independence crap behind me to the um separatism they do fear that part of ukraine my dearest little food and especially the crimea and peninsula and we still practice is bringing a big banner india to independence korea to stay sane on the east and west tonight still at the coffee is sad but on the other hand we heard and be a prime minister of the crimean peninsula say that he is ready to do whatever he can to support the new government in kiev marcus ran thank you very much for that update on. and joining us now on the phone from scene to opel in crimea
is bush and kim. it is there any more news about the whereabouts of former president yanukovich. well the whole country. i want to appear that the question of keeping the ukrainian of it basically hiding out. as opposed to the russian people pay for the opel. i heard a rumor that's um actually came from the plush little pink of course the rumor that. there are the rumors going around at the moment. nissan alliance about ten years cultural ties to russia in recent days. what do you think ukrainians would like to see happen as ukraine's political situation develops what are the kingdom or more people are taking down here and what criteria that most people just want to live in peace. tired of the corruption of the old regime and in future even
the political instability and economic class. though the question will you know what the crime you should be given ukraine or russia to actually talk but most people but there are radical for two it can get what you the opportunity to get closer to russia. tomorrow we're expecting a corker of a pro am. while pro russian candidate has the virtue of the demonstrators the apartment buildings. she can continue censoring months of the often. i do. and that'll a disturbing story in nigeria were gunmen have attacked a school hospital sources say fifty nine students were shot or burned to death. the attack took place in the town of bodie iv in troubled north eastern state of the uob. many of the children are thought to have been dying in there so we back to the attackers set the school on fire. police say the gunmen were from the islamist group vocal humdrum. looking gay in uganda you now on
the country's most wanted list that tabloid newspaper has published the names of two hundred people is as a homosexual. lucas comes a day after the president signed a bill that makes it illegal to be gay. a crime punishable by up to life in prison the good the optical in uganda's red hat the new state the name dozens of openly lesbian gay and transgender people. but the list also includes people who bombs about his gaze into the rights activists priests and music stars habitually and auntie emma was born a woman. he's transgender and refers to himself as a man. he says people have already been attacked and killed. ole going to be able to keep speaking out in it. when mike onto my face. the normally least we know the one that i'd love to be machined about it. subsidence me to stop speaking out. we made the same thing to me. auntie emma has good reason to be sinful. in october two
thousand and ten. in other news paper published a similar list of people have called for the execution months later to come to a prominent gay activist was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his home. he sometimes called uganda's first openly gay man activists believe carson was targeted because of his gay rights watch. the new in order to meet the international condemnations. the spokesman said un secretary general ban ki moon has called for the mold to be repealed secured the two of institutionalized discrimination. restrictive i can work if human rights activists and could trigger violence could also hamper potentially life saving efforts to stop the spread of hiv. the us and several european countries say the main reasons any payments to the east african country in light of the mule. john says it's killed at least thirty militants in tribal areas close to the border with afghanistan officials said jets and helicopter
gunships hit targets in the north and south waziristan region. it's unclear whether civilians were also killed hundreds of families have reportedly fled the attacks. the airstrikes are the latest by the pakistani army since the government called off peace talks with the towel in on a week ago. its economic news now and the european union has slightly of its growth forecasts for this year and next. overall growth is now expected to be one point five percent in twenty fourteen and two percent the year after. numbers are both slightly above the eu is last convictions back in november my best but sustainable the cover is on the cards according to eu economic commissioner olli rehn. even heavily indebted economies like greece and spain will grow. but despite the optimism. when one of the road ahead would not be seen. for no less diverse than the prices may be behind us. but that this is no
communication to be called patient. our focus to assume syrup. the continued implementation of all i can eat the poison is assured france's economy is another source of concern for the eu it's the eurozone second biggest market and according to the commissioner. it's not getting its deficit under control. in front so that economic growth is always holding the covering supported by a brother to me to pick up truck in private consumption. europe's powerhouse germany could be in trouble selling a completely different way gemini is in showing steady growth thanks to blame domestic demand. but it's been criticized by other nations for escorting far more points than it imports that could be against eu worlds. grants commission is due to produce a report on the matter next week alternative markets now where we got a lot of mixed signals and trading in germany as a reporter at the frankfurt stock exchange
the lead ups. these are good times for german companies for the big ones in the backs of all the more. basf has in the us prison as medical care the charter company a subsidiary of freezing spl presented solid results basf with a two thousand thirteen as good as never before. but it was not enough for investors. all three shares went down. indeed it is an answer and cousin yes medical care tumbled because of the results were a little bit worse than in the year before investors are simply demanding overwhelming results is what the people on the frankfurt trading floor as saying. the share price levels if those kinds of results are not forthcoming then investors are taking their money from the table been going on. oregon st shrine trip there here's a look at the market numbers study in frankfurt with the dax was a class on tuesday finishing at ninety six ninety nine euro stocks
fifty. almost nineteen thirty one fifty seven the finish the dow jones industrial average over in new york is trading slightly lower at sixteen one nine nine euro slightly up against the dollar one thirty seven forty two. i like the money you can't trust anyone these days and as you can even do so in the virtual world the world's largest big coin exchange malcolm knox seems to have completely disappeared on tuesday its website is down and its founder is on account of how they decline as a virtual currency created by computers deciphering encrypted code has been gaining a lot of popularity lately but it's not backed by any government or central bank looks like some because investors are going empty. these traders want the money back and they want it now. but the way to stand outside the formal office of the coin exchange mom cooks in tokyo. managers say the move to unspecified location last week. itt
hundred and eleven declines in there which at this time before the start it was worth paying to see and it isn't ours. so i would say that's disappeared. floyd went offline mode. his website promised safe and dependable trading. what the company described as a bug in the software transactions to be packed and manipulated. many years losses from the virtual bank robbery has been estimated that the court of the in your eyes. there was no central bank will complement the site of its operations. and many investors. the coin become an attractive alternative to pay the money printed by central banks. some online dealers think the currency's days are numbered. the coin exchange operators insist that what happened with my uncle was only in isolated incidents with that chore but there's still much to come such as the german government spending a day working in jerusalem and you know
there's been reports of clashes in istanbul were to have the very latest for you on the growing russian scandal there against the government will to live to our reporter in the capital. you do. you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw on the future. media center. dw tell you. i mean. i do. i do
the us. the activists the opposition parties in turkey are demanding that the government resign and state media say that the prime minister read to type one is being investigated for corruption gaudio recordings have been circulating on the internets that claim to be of the kettle on and his son discussing how to dispose of large amounts of money. now these kids are dominating the headlines in turkey but everyone says that they are fake and part of a conspiracy against him. the alleged conversation has been downloaded over two million times from the internet. two male voices can be heard who
is believed to be a recording of a conversation between prime minister and the wind and sun down. in a place to discuss hiding millions of euros in cash from church leaders which isn't really the voice of the article on greased eight years living in the united states. evelyn says the voices on the eve of things that i tugged on it he says the recording is part of an attempt to unseat him from power. let it get it exceedingly well known legal proceedings in response to these incidents. we will follow up on these incidents ireland says forces outside the country and trying to instigate a commentator say that means to an agreement and influential islamic preacher who also lives in the us. the turkey is definate on whether the tape is genuine although they should know by his belief the recording xcel center. at least there's nothing that proves it's realistic that
the particular has been selected on fire will announce additional recordings are genuinely want all are. before that it became . the once government shaken by contacting our nation. anti terror investigation field members of the government including one had to call back. and our correspondents are ian johns is standing by for us for the very latest from istanbul door and when some reports of clashes in the turkish capital. what more can you tell us. it would be going all the peanut but that is who the culprit in the ap they called the patient in the cup run is three min up the protein content from double a joke about who want to protect the number protecting sleep funded by the p four of the doubt and that was a pattern and the follow up about
the dentist only be effective from the street. i know of a full with all of us had been uplifted and we're also hearing that turkish prosecutors are going to fall out the claims in that tape we heard earlier. how serious is this right now today and i won government the idea of deviation from that that the tape recording current treaty period of extremely inspiring things. now the pot o' the hat that if they will now go get that they think they should quit but that they will call them. having said that there be it worth up to it for the government of the construction of the last month. and he spent most of you and are often aren't talented folk who provided all that. this is a sure sign that protesters had been on the streets again saddle on. these classes compared to the ones of the past what exactly is the move there. the nature of people but it is indication that there is a very ancient within the country and opening them a few people for the provincial it now. i come
home next month. local election the prime minister has made a referendum about people. the matching pages are expected to write. during john's a good ten months for that live up to a fenced in istanbul. thanks to germany and israel will celebrate fifty years of diplomatic ties and the relationship between the two countries was one that was born at a tragedy but over the years they have become the strongest of allies to celebrate relations leaders have held their largest one of their largest meetings ever. and although they clashed over iran's nuclear program and israel's settlements promote whiz by in large friendly german chancellor angela merkel was awarded core for her commitment to the jewish state. israeli president shimon peres awarded under the mat from israel's highest civilian trauma. in the industrious company of such politicians as barack obama and kissinger. see muggy humid improve the already excellent relations between our
countries. we feel their leadership and your trust in us. the mormon to it. eddie johnson and michael held talks with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu they shared concerns about iran's nuclear program suspect it may be for managing this is not civilian as iran claims the bnp that this wasn't just the right to the state of israel. but it's also an overall twenty euro go up. we see a connection between iran's missile program and a nuclear capacity. you'll be awfully had not been on. netanyahu said he would like to see the rounds in time you rename enrichment program dismantled in his address he also emphasized the friendship between israel and germany provide an example over though. the daughters of the past week and i were pretty good. we strive for our two peoples trust god to transform our relationship
into uni. and construct reflection. the two countries don't agree on everything israeli settlements in the palestinian terrorists trees remain a major sticking point. these are compelled to mideast peace process. of course when eu boycott israeli products use is due to flawed. we don't believe like us will help promote the peace process. instead we believe negotiations by the way forward on the fifty most. agreements were announced on the number of easy to use like extending german consumer services to israelis and the country's temperament and exchange programs between young germans and israelis. for more we spoke earlier to our correspondent on the same night in jerusalem and depressed about the atmosphere that had surrounded the talks. i think it was quite in the news to me to hit behind me and this old and they've been on king david hotel morning you can
see cabinet ministers from asia and from gemini in the car ego stroking and going from one meeting room to the next ms in israeli activists yet cohesive us has said no we never seen so many ministers in one place. i think what's most important of them is unfunded ten and dedication this was to say no to come to speak to the kitchen of minutes to get into some seriously high importance. this relationship this very special relationship is pretending him is that the pistons went over to kelly on the issue of settlements what he tells about that. money and these differences ix he was married i mean you could see every time i had the german position is very clear to mr netanyahu that he was listening to it again on the second instance critique also the midst of the european union. um but then of course it's not much fun it up on that to mean you wouldn't expect anything new from the government also there are factions of course from. as such was his sitting with him in his government. i think what is more most
important is that it's behind closed doors of squares that seems to be a lot of press chose to come and get along with the kerry initiate a few notes but press on this very critical states. add to this baby's skin and to make some very difficult decisions. um that is support in the american initiative here in the middle east. this is the largest german deal the biggest delegation ever to go to israel. moses didn't receive my lord there is real this is really on their radar i think it is on their radar i mean it's not that they would come into the hotel in the nets of a creek and then it was a nutty content if i list but there was a lot of talk before it in the media didn't even last night done to make the bed towards costing and talking about it until there's an interesting discussion you know about what sent it to me to listen to it to me not to wear tutus and gemini not say on hand but it's the most important is here that the imax with agreements had been made in a team for many young israelis also to stay in testing now know they have this new wet
working holiday the sock issue they can come to gemini and not on the touristy though but they can go and watch the ball wide. these are the practical things said every important if the people and i think this is a canny know this disc set cost but there's also some new looking forward to and then ducking into the future. time to time thanks very much. he gets interim president of the mom's store has chosen a new prime minister to lead the government until elections can be . the move comes after day in which the dutch cabinet step down over its perceived failure to revive the country's economy and other new prime minister abraham after it spent over ten years at the helm of egypt's largest construction company he says he plans to have his cabinet together by the end of the week. italy's new prime minister mikhail frenzy is currently facing a second confidence vote this time and the chamber of
deputies the second chamber of parliament in the early hours of tuesday morning when jesus takes the lead fended off a confidence vote in the senate the coalition has come from a majority in the chamber of deputies and is expected to win the vote there too. he has promised radical reform of italy's economy and political system the south african court has ruled that part of the trial of paralympic athlete us that the story as it may be broadcast live. the judge said the coverage may include the opening arguments and evidence given by experts is that you would exclude testimony by witnesses the story is is accused of shooting to death of his girlfriend read this team can in his pictorial home last year. the stories is blair oppose televise in the trial arguing that it could influence the witnesses. two champions league soccer robot live and dusty was the star of the match has been received or been defeated senate repeated her for two in the first leg of the team's round of sixteen and an action packed cars as
well as international power to home tool of the away goals. but the german scene in good seed to advance to the quarterfinals in april and we just have enough time left to share with you some fantastic images of natural beauty of a look. these images of the northern lights was taken in no time by the norwegian photo artist lights and shiny. using time lapse camera. here are the borealis is that natural light display in the high latitude regions is caused by a coalition of charged particles from the sun colliding with gas in the earth's atmosphere. lots of copper cable looks absolutely stunning. that's all from us here the eight ha
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